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Elisha Contreras


(209) 922-8725

My Story

I used to stock up on large three wick candle from a widely known company, and have several burning at a single time to keep my home smelling good. I have five children, three dogs, (two of which are german shepherds), and a cat. As you can imagine, my house is very busy, if you have kids you know they come with their own set of unique smells. If you have pets, you know they also have unique smells lol. If you're like me and have both, you are probably tired of looking high and low for something strong to combat all the, ahhem... unique smells.

I found scentsy when I decided to ditch the candles. One of my daughters had gotten a little to close to a lit candle, and almost caught her hair on fire. I am thankful to God I was sitting right next to her and was able to move her and put out the candle before any accidents ever happened.

That almost accident was enough for me, I decided then and there to never put my children or pets in a situation like that ever again. I have been a loyal scentsy customer for two years prior to becoming a sales consultant. I love having safe products that have amazing and long lasting fragrance, and were made in the U.S.A.

What's warming in my home